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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Used to be a house here

The other day I was traveling down Airport Road, and as I approached the intersection with SR 114, I noticed a bulldozer. Then I noticed that the soil had been smoothed, not plowed, and it struck me that something was missing. The last time I had been here, there was a house on this corner, and it was now history. It was listed and pictured in the Jasper County Interim Report, which rated it notable, saying it was built around 1915, was well preserved, and "featured a full-width front porch with doric columns."
The house that was being demolished on Rachel Street is now totally gone and all that is left is dirt.
The same is true for the house at the five corners near the Church of the Nazarene
A few days earlier they were still hauling out the old debris and bring in the new fill.
So much destruction should be balanced with some construction. A week or so ago they workers were still laying concrete blocks for a wall of the hospital expansion.
In some news from Facebook, the Ritz Cinema is for sale.


Gene said...

Was the house that was torn down numbered 102 Rachel St. located on the corner of Rachel and Washington? If so, I lived there between 1954 and 1959, with my dad, Bill Chambers and mom, Bea Chambers.

Dessert Survivor said...

It was not the corner house. There were two houses south of it and four to the north.