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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comings and goings

Monday morning I happened across a house demolition. The house being demolished was discussed here. (It is a house that had a fire.)
I almost never go to DeMotte, but I did on Monday, and found that the DeMotte location of Papa Bill's Pizza was also vacant. The interior was being remodeled, but since the Papa Bill's sign was gone, I doubt that it will be Papa Bill's again.
DeMotte is a strange town. Unlike other small towns in the area, it has no old downtown because it grew up late. At the risk of offending the people of the area, it seems to be one long strip mall with some subdivisions surrounding it.

Nearing completion near the intersection of highways 10 and 231 is the new KV middle school. The picture below only captures some of it--it looks huge.

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