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Monday, December 6, 2010

Single digit

The temperature this morning according to my computer was 9 degrees. I suppose we should get used to it--we will be having cold like this off and on for another three or possibly four months.

I got to play Santa Claus this weekend for a birthday party. I dressed up in a Santa outfit and even fooled a few of those gullible kids, even without the fake beard. However, I was something of a failure--I did not make a single kid cry, even when I told them that they were getting nothing for Christmas because Santa knew that they were bad. Ha, Ha, Ha, Merry Christmas.

On the way back from playing Santa, I noticed that the Mexican restaurant, Los Tres Garcias Restaurant, that had been in the old Pancake House by the Interstate was not open. I asked about it at Ayda's and was told that they had moved to Wheatfield. I hope they do well there--I enjoyed their food. Being near the interstate is great if you have brand recognition, which is why the franchises locate there, but is not a good place for the mom-and-pop shops. People want to eat fast at some place that they have heard of. I recall a burger place there when we came called, I think, Burger Chalet. It died quickly when McDonalds arrived.

A couple things I wonder about. Why has no restaurant ever gone up on the east side of town? With the hospital, the care center, and the schools, there is a lot of traffic and a lot of people who work there. Is the Remington I65/US24 exit now busier than Rensselaer's exit? They seem to have grown a lot over the years compared to what is west of town.

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