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Monday, January 3, 2011

Chistmas over?

Is Christmas over? Finished? Done for the year? The city says it is because they took down the street decorations today.
A few hours after I took the picture above, a truck came by and picked up all the wreaths.

There was also a truck by Milroy Park and I think it was taking the lights from the little redbud tree.
Walgreeens had 75% off their Christmas candy today. There was not much of a selection when I got there, and a bit less when I left. There were still plenty of candy canes, though.

I do not consider Christmas over until January 6, traditional epiphany. Why rush it? A longer Christmas season means less of the bleakness of January and February.

Tomorrow, by the way, is the latest sunrise. After tomorrow, the sun will begin to rise a bit earlier every day. The earliest sunset was December 9.

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