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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More moving stories

Last week I noticed that the storefront just north of the Smoke Shop in the College Mall was occupied. It had been vacant for well over a year. Today I stopped by to see what was there.
It is not something new, but something moved. Help at Home is a business that provides various medical-related services to the elderly and disabled. They get most of their funding from the state (I guess Medicare primarily). Until the end of December they had been in the Town Mall (the old Sears Building).
That building now has a lot of empty space, as the sign in front indicates. The building also has a leaking roof, as the bucket full of water in the hallway shows.

A move of a different sort is underway at Strack and van Til. Below is a picture of the entrance. It is all torn up and being remodeled. I like the crazy lights.
Inside new shelves are being installed and the food is being rearranged. If you think you know where things are in this store, you probably have not been there lately.

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Anonymous said...

I need to go visit and see the changes for myself. It will look quite different. Is it looking more like their other stores?