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Monday, January 24, 2011

News from Facebook

Fair Oak Farms has a new promotional video up on youtube: They also have some new cow busses--black with white spots. (Ooops. The video shows that they are actually white with black spots.) I was tempted to ask if the insides of the busses were decorated to look like the insides of a cow, but resisted. And their best news is that they have a couple of free-admission days coming up--on Saturday, Feb. 5 and Monday, Feb. 14 they will offer individual free admission to their dairy adventure. That would be a cheap date for your Valentine.

Remington's Facebook page links to the Remington website announcement of three new openings at Advanced Auto Distribution Center. The interesting thing here is a note that "2011 is the year Advance Auto will begin hiring employees to get the facility fully functioning by the end of the year. " If that is correct, it should give our area an economic boost.

I stepped away from the computer this morning to go outside and shovel the inch or two of snow we got last night and saw a snow plow coming down the street. It sure has been a busy year for them.

Also--tonight is Brook's big night on national TV--the History Channel series "American Pickers" will air their visit-to-Brook episode tonight.

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