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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some followup on past posts

The house north of the powerhouse has been completely demolished. The house next to it no longer has a "for-sale" sign. The city is thinking of buying it and using the lot as well.
Remodeling continues at Strack and van Til. Every time I go to the store, it is a bit different. The front entrance way, shown here getting new floor tiles, is now almost finished. I wonder if the light fixtures in the entrance will eventually replace the current light fixtures.
With a bit of the platform finished and operational, it appears that the workers are getting ready to build much, much more platform at the Amtrak station. I guess they have to if it is to be 550 feet long. The present section is only about 170 feet. (That is a very rough estimate.)
I took the picture below almost two months ago. The old Chrysler lot is now being used by Ed White. The building, however, is not being used for offices. The signs on the door tell people to go across the street to the Ed White building.

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Jan Mullen said...

I hate to see what looks to be a very nice home torn down for "progress".