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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Some news

The Remington Town Manager's Blog (see the sidebar) has a link to the March newsletter of the Jasper County Economic Development Organization. (It is a pdf file.) There were a several intersting things in it. Jasper County population increased about 11.5% from 2000 to 2010. Any increase in a rural county is good. Rensselaer grew by a bit over 10% to 5,859. Wheatfield also grew about 10.5%, and DeMotte grew by over 17%. Remington lost about ten percent of its population.

A new on-line portal for Jasper County has started up at We will watch it and see how it develops. Advanced Auto in Remington is hiring (something reported earlier on this blog) and expects to have about 75-100 employees by September and 360-370 by May 2012.

Check it out.

Update: I was poking around some of the Remington things on the Internet and found that the Homestead Buttery now has a Facebook page, and it looks like it was a very recent addition. I told them last summer that they should get one. They also have an attractive website, something else I told them they should get. Of course, they would have gotten there without my advice. Lots of other people told them the same thing.

Remington had a ribbon cutting today, for the new office of the Regional Occupational Care Center.

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