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Friday, July 9, 2010

Homestead Buttery and Bakery

On Thursday we drove to Remington to check out a new store/restaurant, The Homestead Buttery and Bakery, which opened in May. It had been featured in the Remington Town Manager Blog that I found this week and added to the blog roll.

It is located directly across Ohio Street from the Post Office. The building was formerly occupied by Icon Transportation Company, a trucking company that is apparently now out of business.

I asked what a buttery was and was told that it was an archaic word for pantry (though the dictionary says it is a storeroom for liquors). They have a variety of bulk baking supplies and spices. Some of them they buy in bulk and repackage, putting on their own "Homestead" label.
They are open from 9:00 until 4:00 Tuesday through Saturday (except they stay open until 6:00 on Friday.) Those are eastern times for you in Rensselaer. They are busy for lunch, but we avoided the crowd by arriving after 2:00 their time, and that meant that they had time to talk to us.
Here is a look at their menu. We had a sandwich and a smoothie--they were very good.
Here is a different look at most of their lunchtime seating. Behind the windows is a separate room that groups can use for meetings or parties. As you can see, the whole place is very neat and tastefully decorated. It reminded me of the Willow Switch in Rensselaer, only with the emphasis on food rather than gifts and home furnishings.
They do not have a website yet but are thinking about it. I suggested that they should get a Facebook page. What do you think they should do?

They not only make their own bread for the sandwiches they sell, but they also grind the wheat to make the flour for the bread.
The room for groups is called The Gathering Room and seats up to 40.
They also make fudge. It sure looked good, but I do not need the sugar.
This is a place that is made for Jessica Nunemaker of Little Indiana--she writes much more enthusiastically about food than I do. I hope she will visit it and give us her take on it. And if bulk baking supplies, sandwiches, smoothies, and fudge are not enough to get her there, a couple of stores down is the Mini Measures Antiques Collectibles & Crafts store.
By the way, a gallon of gas was eight cents cheaper in Remington than it is in Rensselaer.


Jessica Nunemaker said...

You had me at "fudge."

Thanks for the shout-out! That is exactly the type of place I love -- it looks like there are all sorts of yummy things to try AND a fun shop nearby!

Cheap gas in the area is just a bonus. ;)

jeffsgal212 said...

LOVE the Homestead - it's just what Remington needed!

Anonymous said...

You might wander through the antique store next time you visit town. It has charming clutter and collectibles. The town has a susquicentennial next weekend I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm just unpacking all the goodies I bought at the Homestead and getting ready to enjoy one of the delicious "home-baked" cookies I purchased. After having lunch there, we returned for round two! The soup and sandwiches are excellent and I also bought a cookbook, some kitchen spices and frozen bread to bring back to Illinois. Wish they had a website so I could order from home! Can't wait to go back on my next visit.