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Friday, April 1, 2011

Ribbon cuttings

This morning there was a ribbon cutting ceremony at Charlie Roberts. I am not sure exactly what change they have made, but changes were needed after they were cut from the GM dealership network. Their open house continues tomorrow.
I missed the ribbon cutting earlier this week for the new K-2 school on Melville Street. There are two big earth moving machines that look ready to start digging. You can expect periodic updates on this blog this summer.
The final work is being done on the Amtrak platform as workers were installing the final bits of railing today. I wonder if there will be some kind of ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of this project.
Some changes are of non-ribbon-cutting sort. Texas Mercantile, which opened in October, has closed. The sign on the door says that it will reopen on April 1 in a house west of Trail Tree Inn.
A little change that excites me is that there is now a full contingent of garbage cans in Brookside Park. It is one of those indicators of spring, and I am ready for spring.


Anonymous said...

was wondering if you had heard anything about an easter egg hunt in brookside park this year? I call everywhere and no one seems to know anything... thanks! Love the blog btw, read it a lot!

Michael J Oakes said...

Bob: You think there is any way to construct an economic health index by tracking the frequency with which buildings turnover tenants?

Dessert Survivor said...

I asked on of the Lions if they were going to do the Easter egg hunt this year, and he said they were, but did not know the date. He did remind me that if you got there two minutes late, it would be over. Also, there were signs at Walmart saying that they were having an Easter egg hunt this year--I think on the 16th, but am not sure. Fair Oaks Farms has an Easter egg hunt on the 16th, but it requires purchase of a ticket.