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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fair prepare

In a few days the Jasper County Fair will officially begin. In many ways it has already begun--the fair queen and her court have been selected, and many 4-H projects will be entered and judged this week. At the fairgrounds a variety of things are being done to get everything ready. Lafayette Tent and Awning may have visited on Monday--a dozen or so tents were not there on Saturday.
New trees were are growing in several places to shade parking lots and camping sites. In the next few days a temporary town will arise here.
New landscaping is being installed in front of the free stage.
Here is a closer look at the new Bozell-Moore Memorial Garden.
The old Rosebud school house is getting a new roof. It needed it.
The Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District is replacing its tent with a new building, but it still needs finishing touches.
Finishing the roof would be one of those touches. Will they or won't they have this building done by the time the fair opens?


Anonymous said...

Great photo of the fairgrounds. I especially like the schoolhouse getting a new roof. There were three layers of old shingles, one was old shake shingles. Thanks for noticing the changes.

Gene said...

My father, William Chambers, long-time Jasper County Courthouse custodian, attended the old Rosebud School in the early 1900s. Thanks for the update on the building's condition.