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Monday, July 4, 2011


Last night Rensselaer sounded like a war zone after it got dark. I was amazed at the number of fireworks that I could see as well as the much bigger number that I could only hear.
Our neighborhood had several people setting off fireworks like those you would see at a organized fireworks show.
I could see the flash of light from another neighborhood and the loud boom came about a second later, so it was almost a mile away. It must have been really impressive (or annoying) for those living close by.
I set the shutter speed of the camera quite low so the images are a bit blurry.
Our neighborhood fireworks ended with a flurry of bombs bursting in air.
Will tonight be as noisy, or did most of the fireworks get shot off last night?

Update: The number of fireworks going off on Monday night seemed to be about the same as the number on Sunday night. They started early, before it was completely dark, but tapered off after about 10:30.

I am quite amazed at what I witnessed this past weekend. I do not remember this amount of fireworks in the past, or maybe I just was not paying attention. Or maybe the long weekend with the Fourth on a Monday prompted a bit more celebration. I do not recall the Fourth as being an especially noteworthy holiday when I was a kid. But then I was in Minnesota and the state at the time had banned most or maybe all fireworks. I recall friends who were very proud that they had obtained firecrackers, which had to be bought out of state. (South Dakota was a favorite source.) The only way I knew of getting a big boom was to take a whole roll of caps and hit it with a hammer. That was a big deal.

Wolcott had their usual celebration, and I found a few pictures from Brook's parade.

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Anonymous said...

It was a noisy night as was the night before. A friend just sent me a 4th of July history lesson from Hopkins County, KY, Historical Society. It reviews the lives of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. They are whom we honor with all of the grand fireworks and celebrations. Read their stories.