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Thursday, July 7, 2011

On the way to the dairy farm

This morning I noticed a really old car going north on US 231. A minute later I saw two more going through a construction zone that had narrowed traffic, but I still did not have my camera ready. But when I saw the fourth one as I approached the city limits, I did have my camera out.
 I was really excited to see two more at the Shell station.
 A crowd had gathered around this 1909 vehicle. Listening to various conversations, I learned that the group was headed for the dairy farm. I wonder if Fair Oaks Farms will put anything about it on their Facebook page.
 As I left, I found three more parked on the other side of the station.
 And then still another arrived. Would you want to drive one of these out on the highway? They do not go very fast, and I suspect that they need a lot more maintenance than a modern car. However, they are probably a lot easier to fix.
 Especially since they only have one or two cylinders. The cars had this sign on them, which tells the world that they are coming from Monticello.

Addendum: I see that there is now a blog for the Jasper County Fair. I have added it to the list of blogs on the side. And when I go to the Jasper County Fair website, I get a warning that the site is an attack site that has distributed malicious software. What is the story there?

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