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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday night at the swimming pool

Tonight was dollar night at the LaRue Pool. The first dollar night was supposed to be a Monday a couple weeks ago, but storms canceled it. Slice of Pie Pizza had planned to provide free pizza on that Monday but could not; instead they provided free pizza tonight.
This little swimmer really enjoyed a slice of cheese pizza.
So with a couple of slices of free pizza, the one dollar entry fee was a real bargain.

I recall when the baby pool was always a busy part of the pool, but in recent years it is often mostly empty. Wednesday night was one of those empty nights, but that did not discourage this happy little girl.
After the 6:30 break for adult swim, it was time for some games. The first game was a relay race. Each member of the team had to swim the width of the pool, get out, eat three soda crackers, and whistle. Then the next member of the relay was ready to repeat the process. It looked a lot like herding cats.
The second game was even more fun--diving for quarters and an occasional dollar. The kids had no sense of strategy. They gathered in groups ready to dive or jump in, and few of them realized that the best move might be to find a spot along the edge where no one else was.

After the big kids had cleaned out the big pool, they learned that there were also some quarters in the baby pool, so a mob of them headed over to find the money there. But they were too late. They were not smarter than a three-year old.
It was an enjoyable evening. The weather was just right for an evening at the pool. The pizza was great. And the kids and adults were well-behaved. The next dollar evening will be on a Monday night. I will try to post the date when I learn what it is.


Anonymous said...

Always entertaining to look at pictures of a pool I remember swimming in more than 30 years ago.

Cathy Newman said...

A dollar night is a great way to attract customers to your swimming facility. Young and old alike, a night of fun and games is always welcome. The free pizza, meanwhile, is a real bonus. Group games help foster friendship and camaraderie between neighbors in a small community.