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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Late summer improvements

I stopped by SJC this morning and discovered a large bullfrog in the reflecting pond. How common are bullfrogs in our area? Are they introduced or were they here a few centuries ago? They are native to the southeast, where a number of predators keep them in check. I know that they have been very destructive where they have been introduced in the southwest.
The pond is still not full, but has enough water to look nice.

Three guys were preparing to paint the track, which was recently resurfaced.
A lot of the campus roads and parking lots were resealed and repainted.

Outside the Core Building are concrete pads for an emergency generator. I am curious to see how this will look when completed. What will be on each side of the sidewalk?
The workers on the chimney have gone to the top and are now descending, putting a couple layers of something over the brick.
The students get to see some of the summer improvements finishing up.

The summer improvements at SJC

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Anonymous said... includes a range map. Bullfrogs are native to Indiana, but they are a major concern where introduced in California and other Western states.