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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Months ago I noticed that a new restaurant had opened east of the Dairy Queen near the I-65 and SR 114 intersection. In September I noticed a menu posted on a bulletin board at SJC.
(Perhaps the restaurant that I noticed in the winter had changed management or ownership in the summer. Does anyone know?)

This evening I finally decided to see what they had. But when I arrived the parking lot was empty and there was a sign on the door saying, "Closed."
Another sign advertised that the property was for sale or rent.
So it appears that I will never find out whether the food there was any good or not. This restaurant did not last a year, which is less than the last restaurant there, Los Tres Garcias, lasted. This has not been a successful location for restaurants. It is too far from the Interstate and also independent restaurants simply do not do well along interstates. An independent restaurant depends on local reputation and is best located in town. A place along the interstate does not depend on repeat buyers so local reputation is not helpful. What is helpful is brand recognition, which is why almost all eateries along interstates are parts or franchises of nationally or regionally known chains. (A little bit of the economics of asymmetric information.)

There may be another closing in the works. A letter to the editor in the Rensselaer Republican said that Rico's was having problems getting is liquor license renewed. Anyone know more and willing to share?


Anonymous said...

The 3 garcias moved to Wheatfield (rt.10-old hudgens location.) Stay tuned..I have hard they are coming back to renssleaer...possibly north on town on 231(Bazzes???)

Anonymous said...

They spelled Rensselaer wrong.

Anonymous said...

underage drinkers = lost license