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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fast construction

There are a number of construction projects in town as recent posts have noted. The one that changed the most this week was the storage building on North Melville, which got its skin. There may not be much left to finish except the installation of the doors.
This roof on this building has no overhang. Does the rainwater just run down the sides of the building, or does the metal roof project it outwards enough so the overhang is not needed?

The paving crew that was working on bits and pieces of many Rensselaer seems to have finished. The Melville Sewer Project is working on Thompson and Elm. The walls keep rising on the new k-2 school. And there are poles either installed or on the ground from Melville to McKinley.

I feel I have had too much about construction recently and I need to have something else for balance. So here is a Halloween picture that I would have posted before Halloween if I had seen it then. I do not recall ever seeing this method of decorating pumpkins.

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