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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Merritt Street project

The installation of power line poles along Merritt continues. Yesterday I passed by as they were moving one of the poles off the trailer that they used to transport it.
In the above picture you can see the old power line on an old poles. As the new poles are installed, the old ones are being cut shorter or taken out and the lines are attached to the new poles--you can see this below. I asked it these lines would be replaced when the new lines are installed at the top of the poles and was told that they would not be replaced. The new poles will carry both the old and new lines. (Only time will tell if that is correct.)
In the picture above, the old pole remains next to the new pole, but has had its top cut off and the electrical lines moved to the new pole. The worker I talked to said that the shortened old pole would eventually be removed.

The new poles are spaced further apart than the old ones were, and I wonder if some of the old poles will remain in the spaces between the new poles.

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