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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shopping madness--updated

I ventured to the early Black Friday sale at Walmart Thursday night and was amazed at the size of the crowds. The Walmart parking lot was full, as was the Strack & Van Til lot as far north as Arni's Pizza. Inside the store the aisles were so full of people that it was hard to maneuver, and the checkout lines were long.
Only some of the items went on sale at 10:00 on Thursday night, and though my shopping partner and I got there just a bit after 10:00, the item we were looking for was already gone. The items that were to go on sale at midnight were still wrapped in cellophane, and there were lines forming for some of those items even though it was not yet 10:30.

If you venture out looking for bargains, I hope you have great success.

Update: I heard about another line this morning (Saturday), the line in front of one of the payday loans before it opened.


Oh, Susanna! Photography said...

My husband decided to brave the craziness, of course, how bad could it be in Rensselaer? He arrived right around 10 p.m. shopped for a few minutes then got in line. He texted me around 10:45 telling me he was getting in line and the line was all the way back to the garden center. Yikes. I asked if what he was getting was worth it... I hope so!! :)

Desert Survivor said...

Sorry you and your shopping partner didn't get what you were after! Today I've been browsing the online Black Friday sales--I think they suit my temperament and ability to be in crowds a lot better!