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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some pictures from Fowler

A few weeks ago I visited Fowler and while there I checked out their city park. Fowler is pretty well contained north of US 52 and the railroad track, but there is a little bit of it that squeezes out to the south, and the park is in that little extension. It features a pond with a fountain and a view of windmills.
There were no windmills the last time I was in Fowler and visited this park. That was for a Fourth of July 5K race which started and ended at this park. Near the end of the race I was trying to beat a grade school girl and she was determined not to let an old man beat her. She won our duel. I do not feel too bad about the defeat because in the years after she went on to star on West Lafayette's cross country team. She should be in college now--my last previous visit to the park was a long time ago.

It is even longer--twenty to thirty years--since I last visited their swimming pool, which was and probably still is the home pool of the Benton Eels Swim Team (BEST). Every other year the Rensselaer Summer Swim Team would have a meet there, and they probably still do. I do not remember much about those meets, but am pretty sure the pool did not have this slide at the time.
I wonder if the slide competes with the diving board. One thing I noticed at the Rensselaer pool is that a lot of kids were doing a lot of interesting dives last summer. They kept challenging each other, so even little kids were doing more than a standard head-first dive.


Anonymous said...

I am originally (like 45 years ago) from Fowler. I remember, when a child, that pond seemed more like a lake. The 4th of July fireworks over the pond are spectacular! I also remember when the pool was built, it seemed so big, and the high diving board seemed so high! Good memories. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane! Keep up the good work.

flatbow said...

I think that was the last race I won.
I also remember that pool from summer swim team. I usually did back stroke and had a difficult time swimming in a straight line without the lines on the ceiling. I suppose swimming was never my forte!