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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The opening of Journey

This afternoon (Tuesday) the store that opened in the back part of the old Horton Building had its grand opening. I think this may have been the first grand opening for the new mayor--at least for this term.
My pictures did not turn out well. Part of the problem was that I was shooting into the light. The sign says "Journey, Been There, Done That," and that is the name of the store given on the the business card.

Journey is a collectors resale shop that sells a variety of things--knickknacks, children's stuff, art work, and who knows what else. The owner lives in Wheatfield and spent 30 years collecting. (She writes, "My husband was a little concerned about my hobby.") She had been selling things from a booth at Jasper Junction. Now she will have a lot more space to display things.
I asked what she would do when she ran out of the stuff she has collected. She was not worried about that--apparently she collected a lot. I got the impression that what was in the store was the tip of the iceberg.

Check it out when you are in the area. The owner and her husband are very friendly and will be happy to tell you about anything that they are selling.

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abelieversheart said...

Sir, I'm totally grateful that u took the time to write about "Journey" Been there / Done that collectors shop. Thank u ! I'll be looking forward to our next visit, until then may God bless u & urs

Steve & Marie miller