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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wild turkey

I saw a wild turkey today. Unfortunately, it was dead, off the side of the road just north of Sealy Springs. At first I thought it was a pheasant, but then realized it was much too big to be a pheasant.
In all the years I have lived in Rensselaer, I have only seen live wild turkeys once. I know other people see them frequently. This dead bird suggests that there are wild turkeys close by.

In other news, someone told me there were lots of robins the Weston Cemetery, and Smith's True Value is taking orders for baby chickens. Winter will soon be gone.


Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary to post pics of dead animals? Ew.

flatbow said...

You should have grabbed those wings, I'd love to have some more primary wing feathers for fletching!

Anonymous said...

There used to be a couple dozen turkeys just to the South and West of Drexel Hall at SJC.