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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The south came north

Dandelions are blooming! The magnolia trees are beginning to shed their petals, some varieties of maples are done blooming and are developing seeds, and the decorative pears are in their floral prime.

It is amazing how fast the leaves are greening as the result of our very warm March weather. Some neighbors are mowing their yards already because the grass has grown so much. However, it you check Walmart, they have not stocked trees and shrubs yet.

 Lots of people are using Brookside Park, but they have not put out the summer array of garbage cans yet. The schedule says one thing and the weather says something quite different.

A lot of Rensselaer students went south for the spring break, which in most years is a way to get some warm weather a bit early. This year the south came north--those who stayed here had weather as nice as those who left.

 I am ready for a break from the heat.

In some other news, Schmidy Pizza has opened, and Sears is approaching their final closing.

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