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Monday, February 6, 2012


An interesting banner now decorates the local Sears store in the College Square Mall--a going out of business notice.
After being told that it was against company policy to take pictures inside the store, I asked how long they would be having their closing sale. The answer was that they would probably shut up completely at the end of March. I also learned that the reason for the closing is that the previous owner had sold it back to Sears and Sears could not find anyone who wanted to own the store. For some reason Sears does not want to own the store.

This makes the second store selling durable goods to close in the past year. Shopping for furniture (Hoover House) and appliances (Sears) will be more limited locally. One thing I liked about Sears is that they matched prices. If you saw something you liked at Sears, you could try to find the same item at a lower price elsewhere, and Sears would match it.

As we lose a store, Remington just got one. Dollar General had its grand opening on Saturday, Feb 4. I think I saw another Dollar General under construction in Reynolds.

There is no evidence from the exterior that anything is going on with what was Jamies Cafe, but a sign in the doorway says that it will be opening soon as Schmidy's Pizza Palace, and a peek inside reveals that there have been changes made there.
The Rensselaer Family Dentistry Office on Front Street is getting a small addition. I should find out more later this week. The name on the building permit is Gordon Bausman, who has retired. Anne Sy is now practicing at this location.
(I may update this post as I notice other changes. I spent most of last week in Indianapolis.)

Update: the dentist is adding two rooms to the building. One will be a break room for the staff and the other another room for patients.

The closing of the local Sears store is not, according to the Sears employee I talked to, related to the other Sears/K-Mart closings that are happening nationwide.


Anonymous said...

You had lots of stories to tell in this post. Thank you for the bountiful information concerning our community.

Michael J Oakes said...

Sears Holdings announced late last year the need to close 120 stores, and many analysts (Morningstar, Scottrade) expect more closings to come in 2013.