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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before and after

A few months ago the walls of the bathhouse at the LaRue Pool looked like the picture below.
 After the repainting, they look now are a lot less colorful.
 The park workers recently wired the shelter at Bicentennial Park. However, they have not yet connected their wiring to the power grid.

The picture below is the first stage of a project at Slice of Pie Pizza.
The end result of the project will be the Slice of Pie Pizza Plaza.
 The Rensselaer Urban Forestry Council wants everyone to know that they planted trees along Cullen Street.
 SJC had another tree planting recently. They are replanting an orchard either where or near where SJC once had an extensive orchard. It is rather ironic given that a year or two ago SJC cut down almost all the mature apple trees that bore edible fruit.
 The water town has ears. When did it get them?
Update: I see on Facebook that the Fair Oaks Farms is planting a 6500 tree orchard. Wow.

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