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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barn swallows--updated

I mentioned in an earlier post that barn swallows had taken up residence in my garage. They now have three young in the nest and are not at all happy whenever I walk into the garage. They really objected when I took this picture.
I was wrong about the raccoon. I thought I had blocked up its access to the attic of the garage, but I saw it climbing down the wall last night. I did find where it was getting in, but did not block it well enough--it might have been able to move some of the impediments I put in its way. At least it is not in the attic of the house.

We could use some more rain, but if we get any today, it looks like it will be light. The river. after weeks of being below median flow, finally was above median flow after the rain last weekend, but it will now return to lower-than-average status.

Update: The rain was measurable, probably a bit less than a quarter of an inch. (People south of us got more.) The light rain was not enough to close the pool--there were a surprising number of kids there, but it was enough to cause problems for the cell phones, which the kids left in their backpacks and under towels. When the 4:00 break came, a number of them found that their phones were wet and not working.

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Anonymous said...

Love the barn swallow baby photo. Good work, and I am glad you survived their angst.