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Friday, July 6, 2012

Gym roof

The high school gymnasium is being renovated this summer. This morning workers were on the roof, removing the old roof and and getting ready to install a new one. The worker on the top was loading scraps from the old roof into a container that the crane would dump into the dumpsters.
On my meandering route that took me to the high school, I stopped by the bridge project and saw that the workers had finished placing the re-bar for northern approach and seemed to be waiting for the arrival of the cement truck.
On my return the cement truck had arrived and begun delivering concrete.
On days that are as hot as this one will be, everyone wants to get started early so they can quit early.

One of the Chicago weather men said that the heat would break tomorrow afternoon when a cold front comes through. I hope that front comes through in time to make the car festivities planned for tomorrow bearable.

We did get a trace of rain yesterday. A storm blew up north of Chicago, traveled down the lakefront, did a lot of damage in Merrillville, Indiana, and faded away as it got to Jasper County. We did not even get a breeze from it, but it did block the sun for a few hours.

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