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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Path to nowhere?

Yesterday workers were pouring concrete in Austin Park for the walking path. I have not been able to figure out the concept. The path starts at the bridge that is under construction, a bit of which you can see to the right of the cement truck below. It then circles around and seems to head back towards the bridge. (You are seeing the end of the path below, not the part that starts from the bridge.  I am sure it will make sense when it is completed.
 Today the little that is left of Austin Avenue was being ripped up.
 Meanwhile, a new project is starting, the million dollar replacement of the court house roof. This morning some of what will become scaffolding was on the court house lawn.
 More supplies were being unloaded from a truck and put into a holding area behind the post office, on the site of the old jail.
This project will not be completed by the time the Little Cousin Jasper Festival is held in early September, and the festival organizers have informed some of the people and organizations that had booths next to the court house that they will have different spots this year.

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Gene said...

"...on the site of the old jail?"

It looks to me like this is the site of the old Nurses' Home just South of the site of the old County Hospital -- where I was born May 19, 1939.