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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Construction update, end of September 2012

A number of construction projects are on-going, and for lack of anything better to post about, here is a quick look at the progress being made at some of the sites mentioned recently.

The building trades house has a floor and this week the students began to frame a wall.
The Louck medical building on Drexel Drive has the electric cables in their conduits and is almost ready for a concrete pour to put in a floor. The rather reddish color where the floor will be is from the re-enforcing steel mesh that is in place.
Below you see the Court House from the southeast. On the right the gray roof is completed. You can see a bit of gray on the bottom on the left; that is where shingles have been placed. The scaffolding that was on the southwest side of the building has been removed and put up on the northwest side of the building.
Below is a better look at the work on the corner of the roof that faces the firehouse.
Metal railing on the north bank of the river was being worked on the past couple days. The railing for the bridge itself has been delayed, and that delay will push the completion of the bridge back a few weeks. Notice that the leaves are beginning to change color. There was very little yellow in the leaves a week ago. Now it is quite noticeable.
There were a lot of workers in the bridge area today. Some of them were working on paving the east remnant of Austin Avenue. Even that little bit of street required at least five truck loads of asphalt.
Earlier this week I heard about rumors that Walmart wanted to build a bigger store but could not simply expand their existing one. Anyone have real information? I saw people working in the former Sears store in the College Mall, or rather I heard people working there--they had completely blocked the windows. Anyone know if someone has plans for that space? Finally, I heard that even though the area farmers have a small harvest, the much higher corn prices is making this a very good year for most farmers.

I have been really busy lately, but the things that keep me occupied are not things that would interest many readers of this blog. However, tomorrow I may be going on a blog-worthy adventure.


Michael J Oakes said...

Bob: I might be able to help out some on the Walmart rumors. I believe there are plans for a Supercenter on 114. It will anchor a development that includes Applebee's and Starbucks. All three will benefit from the growth in traffic in the area when the large water park near the dairy is complete.

Anonymous said...

I love your snoopiness. Keep up the great photo stories you present.