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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Right here in River City-Updated

This morning I rode around a bit to see what was happening in Rensselaer. The building trades class from the high school was watching excavation for the new home that they will be building this year on the west end of Vine Street. It will be east of the houses built in the last two years.

Workers were busy on the pedestrian bridge, laying the I-beams (the real bridge) and cutting the wood for the decking.
I circled the Court House, trying to get a good view of the workers who were installing flashing on the roof of the tower. As I did that, I noticed the door was open on the building that I know as the Johnny Rusk building, the large building that has been mostly empty for years and that is located between the Court House and the Post Office.
 There was a lady inside with a pool table, so I stopped and chatted. She said that she would soon be opening a pool hall that will be called Vicky's Corner Pocket. She allowed me to take a picture of the tables, both assembled and not yet assembled.
I hope she gets far enough along so that she can do some promotion during the Little Cousin Jasper Festival this weekend.

Update: Is any explanation needed?

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