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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Changes around town, 01-15-2013

I noticed another closed business today, the gas station that is just to the north of Jordan's Floral on College Avenue. I am not sure what the name was.
 It looks like it is still operating except for the little white "Out of Business" sign in the window.

I encountered a friend downtown who told me that the station had closed at the beginning of the month. It had not sold gasoline for several months before that, but was focused on fixing cars.

SMS2 (Sew Many Stitches 2) has moved. It had been in the old Sears building on the corner of Van Rensselaer and Kellner. They are now in the the building that had been Professional Data Services. It has more space and a better location, and also its own parking to next to the building. As for Professional Data Services, the changes in technology have meant that the things it was doing no longer need the space.
 Isn't the roof tastefully decorated with those little icicles?

The building that will become Embers has its front hidden by plastic. Progress reports are often posted on the RyanMusch blog that is linked in the sidebar. The plan is to get it open for an event at the end of March.


Anonymous said...

The new coffee shop downtown by 24/7 has closed already

Anonymous said...

I believe the service station was called "Rensselaer Tire and Service"??

Anonymous said...

The Rensselaer Tire business will be greatly missed! Randy did a fabulous job on taking care of our car needs! He was very reasonably priced and his work was completed quickly! Can't say that for many of the other mechanics in this town, when you take your vehicle in for one thing at a quoted price then they tell you something else is wrong and they by law can't let you drive your car and of course that fix is 4 times more than the original quote and you are out of a vehicle for days sometimes weeks! Randy didn't do that! He told you up front what was wrong, how much it would cost to fix it and if he said he'd have it done at a certain time it was done at that time!! I know all of our cars are going to miss him greatly!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Randy fixed our flat tire immediately, quickly and very inexpensively. Sorry to see them close.