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Saturday, January 5, 2013

News mostly from Newton Co

2012 ended tragically for Morocco, which lost its only grocery store.

The store had been an IGA store that closed a year or two ago, and for a while Morocco was without a grocery store. Residents were very happy when this new store opened in the same location. And now they are once again without a grocery store.

 You can find more pictures on the Morocco Times Facebook page.

On a happier note, Fair Oaks Farms, which is in Newton County, posted a video about the arrival of pigs at the Legacy Farms, which is in Jasper County.

In six months or so, they should be open for visitors, though now the buildings are still being constructed.

And finally, on another unhappy note, a business that recently opened has shut down. The Good Vibes Coffee Shop/ReSale Shop will be having a liquidation auction on January 20.

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