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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Migrating north--Updated

Elk Investments is leaving town, heading for greener pastures in Demotte. The Rensselaer store will be closed.
 Today, February 28, is National Chili Day, and the Rensselaer Care Center celebrated with a chili cook off. The people who came to the event (entry fee: a donation to the Food Pantry of money or non-perishable food items) sampled the seven pots of chili entered by Rensselaer businesses or organizations. They then voted for their favorite and could eat a bowl of that chili.
The Care Center has celebrated this day in the past, but not every year. This year's attendance seemed to be pretty good. Some of the people had clear favorites, but not all were the same. I like all the chilies and could not really pick one that I thought stood out from the others, but then I am a lousy judge of things culinary. The Rensselaer Republican will have a story about the cook off tomorrow with information on which chilies won.

February 28 is also public sleeping day and rare disease day.

Update: As I was getting ready to make a link to this post on Facebook--(you have liked Rensselaer Adventures on Facebook, haven't you?)--I noticed this from the Embers Venue: "We are excited to announce that Bub's BBQ will be one of our exclusive caterers at eMbers....Also look forward to Bub's BBQ opening soon right across the street from us." That would be in the space that was the Doghouse occupied for a few years. This morning I saw that the front door had been removed but did not stop to ask what was going on.

Update 2: The SPAW is in the process of moving. A looking through the windows reveals bare walls--most of the furnishings are gone. Plus the photographer who had taken the office behind the SPAW seems to be gone--there is a "For Rent" sign in the window. So the Horton Building is mostly vacant.

After paying my cable bill today, I walked through the old Sears Building (now the Town Mall). It has a lot of vacant space, but it may not be any more than it has had for the past couple years.

Update 3: The photographer seems to be moving into the space formerly used by SPAW.

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