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Monday, March 4, 2013

Before the storm

The forecast says we may get the biggest snow of the winter tomorrow, but then we should start getting more spring-like weather. I am ready for the better weather.

I noticed a new store but no one was there to tell me about it. The name is "Unique Threads" and it is next to Oddities Ink, across the street from R&M Market.
 The SPAW has completed its move to the corner of Cullen and Vine, in a building that was once a grocery store, though I think the grocery was in the other part of the building. I stopped in but decided to wait until the owner had decorated before I took an interior picture.
 Meanwhile a painter was removing the decorations from her old location in the Horton Building.

I did not see any activity on the new train station site. It appears that they are finished digging.
 There is a construction trailer near the city power plant, and a fence is being erected. The Power Construction Group will be in charge of doing whatever needs to be done for the substation that will complete the 69K line project.
The big machines were again active at what used to be Monnett School. Do you see what is missing in the picture below?
 The elephant is gone. Now the excavator is tearing up the concrete pad and whatever foundation was below it.
As I left, there were three trucks waiting to carry away the debris.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad to see the elephant, monkey, and turtle disappear. I am glad I took a photo last week.