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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vote for Helen

Helen Heinig, a junior at RCHS, is a finalist in a contest promoting girls in science. The contest centers around a video that is aimed at getting girls interested in one of the STEM fields. (If you have never seen the acronym STEM, it comes from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) She is especially interested in the field of Informatics, which is a field that I had not previously heard of. You can see her video below.

Helen also has a webpage and a blog. If you are interested in the demolition of the Monnett School, you will find her entry on Picker Bob fascinating. If you like band, you will want to read about her summer plans touring with the Blue Star Drum & Bugle Corps. And our course, if you want to help her out with a vote (limit one per day and only for a few more days) you can go here to cast a ballot.

(PS: If you want to help another blogger with ties to Rensselaer, vote for Gretchen Baker's Desert Survivor blog at the Circle of Moms Top 25 Outdoorsy Blogs. She is currently at 21.)

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