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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Construction update 05-11-2013

This week the masons have been busy working on the Amtrak depot. On Monday They began making the brick pillars that surround the steel support beams.

On Tuesday I stopped by while the men were working.
 By Friday a wall had been erected that appears to divide the depot into two parts. I would guess that the restrooms were planned for one part, but I have heard that the restrooms will not be part of the the station.
 Here is the view from the other side.
I was wrong when I wrote that workers were beginning to take the old depot apart. They moved it and have put in a new floor. The concrete pad on which the old depot formerly sat has been ripped up and a trench has been dug. We will see what goes into it.

 At the Steinke Funeral Home the siding has been partially removed, showing decorative woodwork that was popular in the late 19th century.
Sand and gravel have been smoothed at the construction site for the Farm Credit building. The area where the bulldozer is resting is a bit higher than the rest of the site. I do not know if that area will be where the building sits, or if the whole site will have that height after the rest of the sand is spread out.


Anonymous said...

Steinke Funeral Home has/had beautiful wood siding. It would be a real shame if they cover up that craftsmanship with vinyl or some other bland siding.

David Vohlken said...

The Rensselaer Lions Club did repair, remodeling and maintenance work on the old Amtrak station over the years. It now appears that they may have played a role in "saving" Amtrak for Rensselaer.
Sure didn't hurt!