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Friday, May 3, 2013

Gas department open house 2013

The Rensselaer Gas Department held its annual open house today. They served a free lunch and had a variety of exhibits. There were a lot of people there around noon, but the crowd had thinned by the time I was ready to leave.
 I learned from one of the city councilmen that the field to the east of Weston Cemetery is being considered for a plant that will treat storm runoff. The federal government is requiring the city to do something about dumping sewage into the river when heavy rain overwhelms the city sewer system, which handles both sewage and street runoff.

Leaving the gas department building, I went around to the back to see what has happening with depot construction. Can you see anything different in this picture?
You should notice that the old depot building has been moved. Workers were inside and seemed to be taking it apart. (Update: I was wrong--see here.)

I think I have done my last post on Monnett School demolition. On Monday there were machines there and the tank was out of the hole and gone. On Wednesday when I stopped by, the hole was filled and there were no longer any machines on site. Once the grass grows, it will be impossible to tell that there was once a school building there.

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