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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Almost finished (updated)

The construction on the Amtrak depot is almost finished. The railings are complete and the fencing gone except for that separating the depot from the platform. The lights around the soffit and the gutters were big projects this past week. There seems to be a camera on the roof.

 The waiting room has new black benches.
 The station is getting instant grass.
 The little room with no windows will be the new storage area for the wheel chair lift. The little shed that previously housed it has been removed.
There are still a few details that have to be finished, but I would not be surprised if sometime next week the depot is open for use. We will know when the project is complete when the old station, the construction trailer, and the port-a-potty are removed.

While wandering around town today I discovered a new business in its early stages. People were moving things into the building that not too long ago housed Tub Time and the Texas Mercantile Exchange. I asked what the new business would do and was told it would sell children's clothing and accessories.

Update: As of Wednesday night (June 26, 2013) it appears to be finished. The last of the fencing is gone so that the handicapped lift could be moved to its new room. The construction trailer has left and the job site picked up. But the door to the station remains locked though the lights are on inside and the benches are neatly arranged. 


Michael J Oakes said...

Does the investment in a new station mean that any doubts about the future of passenger rail continuing through the area have been eliminated?

Anonymous said...

It is not the original depot, but it does have a charm about it.