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Monday, June 3, 2013

Little toads (Updated)

The river has flooded the field east of Weston Cemetery again, and I noticed that along the shoreline there were small tadpoles. I caught one and was surprised to see that it was almost done with the tadpole stage. It had front and back legs, but still had a tail. The tadpoles were tiny--you can see two of them in a cap from a Power Ade bottle.
After I took the picture, I noticed that there were some tiny toads without tails in the grass. They will soon be crossing Lincoln Ave and hundreds will be run over. I caught a few and transplanted them to my garden. I hope that they stay and do not move on. They are certainly more welcome than the bunnies--I have four little ones and several big ones that like my yard.

The Iroquois River has peaked and is beginning to recede. Its peak was a bit higher than its peak earlier this year, but it never was high enough to put water across Lincoln Avenue or flood Potawatomie Park.
Update: The new pedestrian bridge is a popular place from which to view the high water in the Iroquois.
 This is the view looking to the Washington Street bridge.

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