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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer (updated)

It is hot outside. Uncomfortably so. I suppose once we get used to real summer heat, what we have today (my computer says it is 86 degrees outside) will seem mild.

This morning city workers were purging the fire hydrants in my neighborhood. It they had been doing it this afternoon, I might have gone and stood under the spray.
I have toads in my backyard (they are welcome guests--they eat bugs), and they enjoy the warm weather. Alas, most of the toads I have seen lately have been squished on the roads.
This seems to be a very uneventful week. The Rensselaer Republican has nothing listed on their event calendar for the week, which is very unusual.

Digging has begun at the new school project on North Melville. Near Melville it appears that they are installing drainage or sewer tiles. There was also excavation going on far from the street (you can barely see it to the right of tthe excavator), but I could not tell what they were doing there. The machines on the left side of the photo were not doing anything when I took the picture.

The latest edition of the Rensselaer Review from the Rensselaer School Corporation can be downloaded here. It is a pdf file, and it contains some pictures of the groundbreaking for the new school with some drawings of what it will look like. I did not find the drawing especially helpful--they were too small and did not show me how the building will be positioned on the lot.

What else is happening?

Update: The was another bit of progress on the Talbert Bridge. Forms for the approach were put in place today. There will be a jog in the jogging path.


Anonymous said...

This bridge work is beautiful to see.

Anonymous said...

I will be visiting Rensselaer soon: Can you suggest some good running paths- especially near Saint Joseph Univeritsy?

Dessert Survivor said...

Back when I was running, I always enjoyed running the county roads, looking at the plants and the farms and the houses along them. Most of them are paved, but not all. There are several nice routes south of the college--find a map and plot a course.

Other runners seem to prefer the city streets, and they are easily accessible from the college

If you do not want to run the roads, there is less. There is a nice path around Lake Banet, and there is a walking trail that along Sparling avenue from SJC that will soon get you to the Talbert Bridge and the paths in Weston Cemetery.

It is best to avoid the highways.