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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At the fair July 2013

The county fair is in full swing with lots of things to see and many events every day. The Retired Iron pavilion is full of tractors and some other old farm machines, like these corn shellers. Insert an ear of corn, turn the crank, and a set of nasty-looking spikes rips the kernels from the cob.  
The tractors go out on parade many days. On Tuesday some took a trip to the farmers' market at the court house square. I saw them go by but did not have a camera. Later I saw the parade that went around the fairgrounds and was surprised to see a very strange looking "tractor" in the lineup.
A lot of the tractors date from the 1950s and 1960s. That does not seem old to me. I do not think something is old if it does not predate me

On Tuesday goats were being judged in the show arena. On Monday the crowds were bigger for swine judging. And on Monday while I was peeking in on the swine judging, a flight of five military attack helicopters flew by--a bit strange.
The commercial tent seems to have fewer exhibitors this year than it did in the past. I found a new Rensselaer business that I had not known existed--Notable Images. It is run by a woman who went to school with some of my kids. She works from her house and her website is

Every evening there is an act on the free stage. On Monday Austin Lee performed early at 6:00 because he was competing with a singing act, Levi Riggs, at the grandstand.
The Jimmy Bussell's performance on Tuesday night involved more people and more equipment. He even had a sound man (not shown in this picture) behind much of the audience.
The Newton County Fair seems to have some of the same performers and acts as the Jasper County Fair. This year the two fairs overlap.

On Monday and Tuesday nights there was a Lego display in the Community Building.
On Tuesday night I wandered down to the Historical Village area to chat with my friends there. New this year is an outhouse, which is not for use. (They keep saying that.)
As I left on Tuesday I stopped by the horse arena to see the start of the Battle of the Barns. They were slow in getting started and I wanted to cool off by catching the last of the evening swim at the La Rue pool, so I did not get a picture of this year's fun. You can see a picture of last year's battle here.

Addendum: I forgot to mention that on Monday evening I talked to one of our county councilmen, Gerrit Devries. He said that at the next county council meeting, July 23 at 7:00, people would be able to comment on the way the county taxes. I have ranted several times on this issue, but a prior commitment may keep me away from this meeting.


Gerrit DeVries, Jasper County Councilman said...

One of the major items for the County Council meeting of July 23 @ 7PM will be the annual review and public hearing regarding the Local Option Income Tax. Please come to comment and ask questions if this concerns you. It certainly concerns me as it does not make Jasper County very attractive when the county income tax is the second highest in the state. If this is hurting you and your family then please come and let your voice be heard. Gerrit DeVries, County Councilman

Anonymous said...

I loved the Lego display. You had a nice tour of the Jasper County Fair. Where are the animals?