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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Singin in The Rain

I attended Friday night's sold-out performance of Singin' in The Rain by the Fendig Children's Summer Theater. Before the show they had an ad playing on the screen urging people to support repairs to their warehouse that houses their costumes and props. (It is the small brick building behind the Hanley parking lot. It is not on any street--it is on the alley behind the parking lot.)
 During the play they used this screen to show some movies, which fit because the play is about the transition in Hollywood from silent films to the talkies and how that transition destroyed careers of actors who looked good but sounded bad. They had some very cute film clips.

Of course they also had some great costuming and entertaining group numbers. All the performers are from grades four through eight.
 My favorite performer was the Lina Lamont character who did an excellent job of being irritating and screeching, which is what the part called for.
 In the iconic raining scene the show had what appeared to be real rain. You can maybe get a glimpse of it in the upper left.
 And of course there was a cast of dozens. It was cute how they named one of the stores in the background.
As always, the Fendig Summer Theater put on a very entertaining show. The quality of the set, costumes, and performances are amazing for a little town like Rensselaer.

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