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Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer at SJC

It was a busy week at SJC. There were two large bands on campus holding band camps. I think I saw the final performance of the Richmond Band. They look very good.
 The other large band was from Lincoln Way East High School, which I think is in Illinois. When I passed by the flag corps was doing its thing separated from the band, which was practicing steps without music.
 Among other groups on campus was the Buffalo Grove High School football camp. I saw them arrive a few days ago, but was never on campus when they were practicing outside.

Several sidewalks were ripped up this week. New sidewalks should greet students when they arrive in a few weeks. Freshman orientation begins August 15 and classes start on August 19.
The Graduate School of Music had a concert last week, but with virtually no advanced notice. In past years they have had interesting programs, but not this year.

From a Facebook post by Little Indiana, I gather that Saint Joe has closed Lake Banet to the public, though it is still open to employees. I do not understand why they have maintained their beach for these many years. I grew up in Minnesota where, because there were many lakes, there were not many public swimming pools. There were also a lot of drownings in those lakes every summer. Swimming in a lake is far more dangerous than swimming in a public pool even when there are life guards at the lake. And this summer there are no guards at Lake Banet.

Are you hearing lots of planes flying around? Here is an old post about that.

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