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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

National Night Out and other things

On Tuesday night the local police department hosted National Night Out. It was much the same as in past years, though this year there was no medical evacuation helicopter. I think the crowd was smaller this year--there did not seem to be a lot of people in the pool taking advantage of the free admission.

The fire department did a demonstration of how they search a house that is full of smoke. 
Work on the resurfacing of the highway in downtown was finishing up this morning. When I passed by, the connections to the side streets still needed to be done.
When this road is redone, you can see a bit of history. At one time the whole downtown had paving bricks on the streets.
On my way to Fair Oaks Farms on Monday, I noticed that the McDonalds by the Interstate was closed. That did not surprise me because I had noticed that there was going to be an auction for the equipment, and the auction notice said that McDonalds was going to do a complete remodel.

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