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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A bridge no more

I am glad I decided to ride through Weston Cemetery this morning because I discovered a work crew demolishing the bridge that spanned the creek. A pneumatic hammer was loosening the concrete around the iron railing, and a backhoe was lifting the freed pieces into a truck.
 The last of the south pieces is lifted away.
 Returning an hour or two later, I found that the bridge itself was under attack. One of the reasons for replacing it is that it was a choke point. It had a 3 ton weight limit, though I bet it would easily have held a lot more.
 I snapped this picture a second or two before the span collapsed.
 And this picture as taken about five seconds later.
The people who enjoy walking through Weston Cemetery will have to change their routes for a while. There will be a new bridge put in. I am not sure I will like it as much as the old bridge, which with its arch and iron railing had some charm to it.

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