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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lots of changes (Updated)

There are a lot of changes happening in Rensselaer right now. Rico's Restaurant has closed. It is still available for bookings for events of 50 people or now. Rico's gift cards can be used at Marti's Place at Ramsey's landing in Hebron.
 Across the street Farm Credit is moving into their new building. They should be open for business at their new location on Friday.
Here is a last look at their old office. The picture was taken on Monday--note the boxes on the floor, preparation for the move.
 A number of things are going at Saint Joseph's College. Work on the chapel exterior continues. Some bricks had been removed, giving the front a strange look.
The pond is getting new electrical wiring, and electrical wiring was being run under the highway to the site of the old sign on the east side of road. (I have a post somewhere about the demolition of the old structure on that site, but I cannot find it.) There will some kind of new sign put up there. There is work in the basement of Halleck, where water damage in the basement has inconvenienced the band and patrons of Core XI.

Renovation at Walmart continues. Dales Steak and Chop Shop is close to opening.

Downtown, the Dr. Pellicore has vacated her office. It is available as of October 1.
Renovations continue on the BP station. Busy Bee will close this weekend for the winter--another sign that summer is coming to a close. While watching the demolition of the bridge in Weston Cemetery, I noticed that workers were planting some new trees. One replaced the bent tree near the mouth of the creek. Over at the LaRue Pool, the fence was being painted.

Do you recognize what recent change this picture shows?
I think Rensselaer Central High is having homecoming this weekend, which means that there should be a parade later this week. I cannot find any info about it on the Rensselaer Central Schools website.

Update: The High School Homecoming Parade is scheduled for Thursday evening at 6:30, starting from the Monnett parking lot.
I was right that something was brewing for the McKinley Street Crossing. That crossing and the Franklin Street crossing will be closed Monday thru Friday next week for repairs.
The old Farm Credit office is in the same building as the Fifth-Third Bank. If there is some other tenant prepared to move in, the ladies at the 5/3 Bank did not know about it.

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