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Thursday, September 19, 2013

RCHS Homecoming parade 2013

This is homecoming week for RCHS and tonight the school had its homecoming parade. I stopped by the staging area to see what to expect and to take a few pictures. Near the front of the lineup was the high school band and the girls golf team.
 Not too far behind them was the freshman class float.
 I decided to watch the parade from the turn in the road where the highway leaves College Avenue. I got there a bit early so had some time to kill. While waiting I noticed the front on the telephone pole. Is there any other pole in town that challenges this one for the most nails and staples? The nails and staples continued up the pole for another two or three feet, and down the pole for the same distance.
 Finally the parade got started. The sophomores had a float with a teepee, and the banner on the other side said "Lasso the Indians."
 This large group was the middle school cross country team. They were having a good time throwing candy. The high school cross country team also was in the parade, on bikes, but their numbers were not as impressive. And what would a Rensselaer parade be without a tractor? The Future Farmers of America provided one.
 The juniors wanted to teepee the Indians.
The seniors also had a teepee. Gee, I wonder who Rensselaer will play in football on Friday. West Lafayette? Central Catholic? Delphi? BC?
 The firetrucks of the Rensselaer fire department brought up the end of the parade. Each engine carried part of the football team. There are a lot of members of the football team.
It was a good parade--not very long, and lots of candy for the kids.

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