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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The last lunch

Bazz's Eat-N-Sip on North McKinley closed today. I found out about the closing from a note left on the Facebook page of Rensselaer Adventures so I decided I would take part in the last lunch. I was not the only one--there were a lot of people there. The owner has decided to retire and apparently no one wants to take over the business.
 I would like to have taken some pictures of the place, but as I said, there were a lot of people and I try not to get recognizable people in my pictures. So I settled for a couple of pictures of the the wooden vehicles that line the walls above the windows in the small area in which people can sit.

I forgot to ask how long they had been in business. Does anyone know? Also, a couple years ago I mistakenly reported that Bazz's was closing and was corrected. But this time the closing is for real.

If you have any thoughts or reflections on this Rensselaer institution, feel free to leave them.


Tammy B. said...

I'm not sure exactly how long they have been in business but I had my first job there at age 14 as a carhop which was 42 years ago and Wanda was running it then. her father Orville "Bazz" Pugh was the proprietor before then so I imagine it's been there quite awhile. I remember my aunt & uncle taking me there as a small child & this was before they had the inside seating.

Anonymous said...

I would say about 48 years is how long the family has owned the business.

Gene said...

Sorry that I can't remember the date the drive-in opened but I and my whole family ate there often. I knew Bazz well since I worked for him as a Skate Boy at his Roller Rink in the old Armory when I was 15 and a High School Freshman in 1954. And in later years I hung out in his new Roller Rink. Too bad the drive-in is closing.