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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ribbon cutting at the riverside BP

The remodeling of the riverside BP station is almost complete and today there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the station's reopening.
This blog watched the remodeling here, herehere, and here. The station has new ownership, three or four brothers who own a number of other gas stations. They own the Marathon by the rail crossing and the Raceway further north, and may be buying the BP at 205 exit of I-65. (It shut down because of septic problems.) They also own a number of stations in Indianapolis and in Lake county. The man holding the ribbon next to Mayor Wood is the manager of the local stations.

The station employs five people and I asked if employees could shift from one of the Rensselaer stores owned by the family to another. Even though the stores are separate legal entities, they can.

During the remodeling an underground tank was removed to the south of the station and that space was filled in with crushed stone. The two tanks that were installed next to Front Street were bigger than the old tank, and hence the need to cut into the bedrock. Stunt Dawg next to the station, which is built on the bedrock, felt and heard it all.

The interior has been remodeled, with the customer service desk moved to the northeast wall. The coolers were stocked, but the racks were still empty at noon. The manager expected everything to be in place when the store opens again tomorrow.
The store is open today for gas and whatever is on the shelves.

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