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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Traffic Jam

Rensselaer had a traffic jam of sorts today as cars lined up along Front Street.
People were excited about the grand opening of the BP station. Radio station WLQI was broadcasting live from the site and free hamburgers and hotdogs were available for those willing to get out into the rain. The gas for $2.999 was the big draw, however.
Alas, I did not anticipate that the station would have cheap gas for the grand opening--I filled up in Monon yesterday because their price of $3.119 was cheaper than anything in Rensselaer. But in the tradition of sour grapes, it may be for the best. My car has the gas tank opening on the passenger side of the car and few others do. So when there are gas lines, the line of cars will force me next to a pump with my car facing the wrong way.

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